About me

We all have a passion.  This is mine!  From an early age, I set out to master my craft.  After many years of holistic massage and different techniques learned in different countries since 2008.
I specialized in various techniques from Swedish to Californian Massage, up to Maori techniques.

I decided to take this path to convey the benefits as well as the importance of these oriental disciplines used by Chinese medicine to correct energy imbalances and prevent the resulting disorders.

Living between Mykonos and the Canary Islands 
my goal is to bring the massage to the highest level

My work is my driving force. That's why I get up every day and do what I love most. More importantly, it is giving people wellbeing and helping them feel better through this fantastic discipline.

My focus is the result . It's absolutely evident how, starting from the purely bodily dimension, it is possible to "touch" aspects of the mental and emotional sphere, creating that "holistic" value, the heart of every manual treatment, which represents the only and real way to complete well-being.